Dora Kuć & Karina Snuszka Dora Kuć & Karina Snuszka


Renowned author interior design studio specialising in servicing the most demanding clients looking for uncompromising approach to quality and paradigm of beauty.

About the studio

Karina Snuszka and Dorota Kuć are both graduates of Architecture of Poznań’s University of Technology. They have been running renowned Warsaw based interior design practice for over ten years. Studio’s area of expertise are top residential and commercial project, among which one can find most prestigious venues in Poland and abroad. Studio’s favourite commercial theme is fashion. Mood Works’s portfolio comprises interior designs of leading polish fashion designers and their flagship stores: Zień, Paprocki&Brzozowski, Łukasz Jemioł or Maciej Sieradzky most recently.
Being interdisciplinary designers, Snuszka and Kuć constantly enlarge the scope of its activities. They highly appreciate the experience of working on non-commercial or pro-bono projects like: participation in competition for Museum of Warsaw’s main exhibition or concept of the artistic exhibition on the subject of design “Błądzić jest rzeczą”, which was curated by Katarzyna Białousz and Anna Theiss. Along with the exhibition both designers conducted a series of lecture and workshops on design.
Architects favourite interior leitmotif is art, which is frequently the starting point in the design process. Snuszka and Kuć like to work with young artists and tend to look for the opportunities to include art in each interior design, for both individual and corporate clients.

Karina Snuszka is a fan of fashion, art and haute cuisine. She is also a natural born perfectionist and cosmopolitan. Her frequent voyages are source of design inspirations translated into spectacular arrangement concepts.

Dorota Kuć is a creative element and enthusiastic interior design trendspotter. She loves colours, especially turqoise, that reminds her of a sea where she grew up and powder pink- a perfect and timeless manifestation of femininity.